What Is CI Group thinksolutions?

What Is CI Group thinksolutions?

Strategy, execution and measurement; those are the pillars of CI- Group’s thinksolutions approach.

How competitive is the current media environment for companies looking to market their products/services?

Consider the always-on, information-overloaded, wired and wireless world of 2012; television ads compete for attention with viral YouTube videos instantly viewed on smartphone and tablet computer screens. Social media give potential and current customers the ability to instantly play Roger Ebert, providing big thumbs up or down for companies. Those criticisms now live on indefinitely courtesy of the Internet, searchable for anyone with access to Google or Yelp.

But despite the rise of new media and technologies, traditional forms of advertising and marketing still have a place in this branding ecosystem. Creativity still wins out, whether it’s a stop-you-in-your-tracks 30-second commercial during prime time, a must-click banner ad on a website, compelling promotional materials at industry trade shows or out-of-the-box thinking for event marketing activities.

This is where CI-Group and thinksolutions comes in.

Strategy, execution and measurement; those are the pillars of CI-Group’s thinksolutions approach. It has been employed for a wide range of clients in a variety of industries: from innovative medical device manufacturers to leading pay cable channels, from financial services firms managing millions in investments to A-list luxury brands.

Simply put, thinksolutions means conferring with clients – small, midsize or large companies – and working together on strategies that target the right audience with the most effective forms of media. It means employing award-winning creative personnel to come up with the best branding content. It means tracking the results via data and engagement measurement: Is the content reaching the desired audience? Is it being shared via social networks? Is it sparking a conversation with potential customers?

There is a long list of clients that have used CI-Group thinksolutions to stand out and get attention in the crowded 24/7 media universe of marketing options. We’ll be bringing you those case studies in future CI-Group blog posts. In the meantime, anyone with questions – or a particularly challenging branding issue – can fill out the contact form on this page for more information.

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