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If you’re relatively new to marketing, when you start a project, you may ask yourself, “What do we want to say?” And you think long and hard about the product or service you’re trying to sell.

But, if you’re a natural at marketing, or have been at it for some time, the questions are different and deeper. They’re more along the lines of “What does my customer want? What are his pain points, and how does my product or service solve them?”

If you let the answers to those questions steer you, you’re bound to have a fairly high batting average… unless your product or service is substandard. Then, you have a whole other set of problems and questions to ponder.

But today, I’d like to share with you a little tidbit worth many times its weight in marketing gold. It goes deeper than mere features and benefits—in fact, it gives you quick, and powerful, insight into your prospect.

This marketing gem was hatched in the brain of a highly successful marketer—and one you’ve likely never heard of. His name is Bill Bonner, and he’s a Baltimore-based copywriter and publisher. In fact, he’s the founder of Agora Publishing… one of the most successful book, newsletter and information publishers in the world. They have offices across the planet and have more than a million steady subscribers who pay hefty fees for their stuff.

Bill mostly peddles high-end financial and economic products… so any fears or complaints you have about a complicated or hard sell can be set aside. Bill markets complex products every day. And he’s been staggeringly successful at it.

So what is Bill’s prized marketing advice? It can be summed up in a simple quote from an interview with him:

“What your customer really wants, more than anything, is to be the hero of his own story.”

OK, I know what you’re thinking. That’s it?!? That’s the semiprecious stone of salesmanship?!?

Just stay with me for a minute.

That quote, when applied to your marketing, can grant you volumes of understanding. It doesn’t matter if it’s B2C or B2B. The principle is the same.

It’s about gaining insight into some of your prospect’s deepest desires as a person. People want to been seen—by others and themselves—as winners. They want others to think of them as smart, valuable and interesting. And they want to enjoy the security that comes from respect. There’s a higher, better self they’re striving for and want.

In simpler words, they want to be heroes of their own stories.

Let’s bring this back down to planet Earth. Your B2B or B2C customer doesn’t just want to buy a product or service from you. He wants to look good to the boss… or his wife… or his friends. He wants to post on Facebook how he found this awesome product, or brag to his buddies at the bar about how he saved the day at work. And for a few minutes, he’ll totally enjoy being the guru… the smart dude… the irreplaceable employee… the valuable member of his team or community… the guy who does his homework… the hero.

So make sure your marketing messages infuse him with superpowers! Pour on the benefits. Help him craft his own epic tale with great writing, powerful images, resourceful links, informative videos and more. With every piece you create, imagine your prospect telling others about it… sharing his “find.”

Make it easy and do it well, and the results will be super.

– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group.

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