The Convergence of Marketing and Advertising

The Convergence of Marketing and Advertising

Nowadays, trade show attendees are invited to text or tweet feedback about speakers and exhibits.

Before The Digital Revolution:

Event marketing usually involved a booth at a major trade show/convention, brimming with tri-color brochures and lots of branded tchotchkes in goodie bags. Employees were available to shake lots of hands, give out lots of business cards and talk up a company’s products and services.

Or the scenario could have been a press conference, with special speakers standing on a stage with brand logos behind them, while marketing personnel handed out colorful packets loaded with press releases and company information.

How very…analog.

After The Digital Revolution:

Now consider a trade show/convention in 2012. A company announces its intention to attend, along with its booth number/floor location, on its website. Marketing professionals blog about what news and trends to expect at the show. All of that content is distributed to the world via social media platforms.

At the convention, smartphone users can take advantage of mobile applications like CrowdCompass (, which lets them not only download maps of the convention center floor and updated show schedules, but also turns attending the show into a game—digital scavenger hunts involve photos of company logos/booths/favorite sessions uploaded to Facebook or Foursquare pages. Attendees are invited to text feedback about speakers and exhibits. Those contributions are redeemed for (wait for it) tchotchkes or (better yet) nearby food/drink specials.

Advances in mobile technologies, applications and social networks aren’t just forging new alliances between businesses—they’re also bringing together the world of marketing and advertising. Content on websites and social networks are now integrated into event marketing and public relations strategies. Creatives at agencies now take into account how their content will be viewed on a variety of screens.

Technology may indeed be pulling the rug out from under certain industries. But it is also opening up new opportunities for business storytelling in others.

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