Digital Marketing in 2017

The State of Digital Marketing in 2017: 5 Trends to Watch

The digital space changes by the minute — is your brand keeping up?


Social media keeps on changing

Vine will cease to exist (sort of) by the end of the month, and Twitter is struggling to find a buyer. And back in June 2016, Facebook recalibrated its feed algorithm to show users more content from friends and family, and less content from brand pages. Consequently, publishers and brands across industries saw massive cuts to organic reach — some around 50 percent. So what do these massive changes mean for the future of social media? All it means is that social media marketers shouldn’t keep all their eggs in one basket.


Voice search and Zero UI grow exponentially

Natural language is already part and parcel of SEO, but this will take on a whole new meaning in the coming year. As it is, Google reports that 20 percent of mobile searches are voice searches. But CES 2017 wrapped up in earlier this month, and one brand really stood out: Amazon Alexa. Consumer brands (other than Amazon) showcased a ton of Alex-compatible hardware. Widespread adoption — not to mention the prevalence of Apple’s Siri — means that voice search will continue to rise in popularity.

Mobile strategy, emphasis on mobile 

Mobile still matters more than ever. And it’s not just because more than 50 percent of web users log on with mobile devices. Sure, it’s important to ensure your websites and emails are responsive for smaller viewports, but mobile creates opportunities for geotargeted ads and location-based search. As it is, local search benefits both B2C and B2B, and creative geotargeting (e.g. Snapchat’s geofilters) can only help… just as long as the message is appropriate to both the platform and audience.


Augmented reality, really

Augmented reality and virtual reality are now far more accessible on the consumer side, but AR has already seen enthusiastic adoption. Case in point, 2016’s most talked-about app was Pokémon Go, which broke the Apple app store record for most first-week downloads. (The exact number was never released, but estimates say the free app may have earned $14 million in that period.) Sure, its appeal was rooted in the brand’s millennial following, and its redundant gameplay lost its novelty pretty quickly, but it demonstrated the power and utility of both augmented reality and geotargeting. And if your brand could leverage these technologies in a well-designed, easy-to-use app, the reach might be staggering.


Content marketing is digital marketing

Content will always matter, and even with the looming concern of content shock, smaller brands can still remain competitive. Visual content, like videos and infographics can be quickly produced with the right team. And depending on the size of your content marketing team, it might make sense to change up your distribution strategy. Instead of referring social media and email links to your website content, think about hosting content on different channels. Twitter and Facebook each have native video players and LinkedIn has its own blogging platform.


So how prepared is your brand for 2017? Let’s get in touch and talk about how to build and align your digital assets. And take a look at our blog — we’re covering everything from brand and marketing strategy, to website design to psychology and design.

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