5 radical changes driving everything in marketing


Our new e-book examines how branding and marketing are in the midst of radical changes—and what’s driving all the turmoil.

Today’s blog is an excerpt from our new e-book entitled SHIFT. Want a free copy? Download it here:  


Ask any marketer (and I do, all the time), and there’s no doubt that the branding and marketing world is in a major transitional period. Competition is not only fierce, but global. Media continually splinters into new platforms. A single, disappointed consumer can now put a sizable dent in your brand’s reputation.

What’s driving all this change? There are many explanations, but we think there are five underlying reasons. Here’s a brief synopsis of the five:

1. We live in very uncertain times, and that’s having an effect on everything.

Change is not only abundant, it’s accelerating… in every aspect of life. It’s one reason why there’s such a deep lack of faith in our society’s institutions, government and yes, in companies and brands. People expect bad service, lies, scandals and the rug to be pulled out from under them. What is your brand doing to earn your customers’ trust?

2. People guard their time like a precious gem.

People’s lives are crazy. Demanding schedules—personal and professional—often collide and cause them to feel constantly distracted, stressed and unfocused. So when it comes to their time, folks naturally get very selective. If it doesn’t interest them, suit their needs, help them, or bring them some sort of value, it’s out. Are you making your brand worthwhile for them?

3. Consumers have their pick.

We’re seeing a historical first in branding, marketing and communications: Consumers can call the shots. They openly fast forward, opt out, delete, click away, switch or just plain ignore their way through most marketing messages. Likewise, they can also bookmark, subscribe, download, watch, like, and share, too. Are you engaging them?

4. Understand your audience’s how, where and when.

New platforms crop up all the time to place your messages, each with its own rules and best practices. Add to that how people experience those platforms—on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops—and things can get pretty complicated. How does your audience get its information? How does it want to get it?

5. Tribes are back.

Since our beginnings, human beings have been hardwired to be part of tribes. Today, technology makes it easy to find like-minded folks, and highly focused communities are on the rise. There’s a community for everythingHave you found your customers’ communities yet?

Want to know more? Our new e-book, SHIFT, takes a deep dive into these five radical changes affecting all of us and how we approach our marketing efforts. For your free download, just click here:


– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group

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