Promo Product Trends We Love: Unique Materials

Unique materials and textures are all the rage this year, and it’s not hard to see why! We’ve talked about the ways haptics and touch can positively impact your brand story. And these branded products can do exactly that. Their materials and textures give your audience a totally new context to see your brand. You might even say they give touchpoints a new meaning. (Sorry for the pun.)



1. Suede’ish Neoprene


Why we love it: This material is SO soft and earthy! It’s perfect for a bunch of different applications: tech tacos (for stray cords), lunch bags, wine totes, keychains, koozies, iPad cases — SUEDE is the limit! This product line also comes in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so creating custom pieces is no biggie!



2. Custom Leather Travel Kit


Why we love it: We’re obsessed with this brand. The kit’s understated design and luxurious execution make it an ideal executive gift. Plus, the quality of the leather is to die for, which means it’s guaranteed to last forever. Customize its color and pattern to take personalization to the next level.



3. Custom Leather Mason Jars with Leather Holders

Why we love it: Picture the artisan at the pinnacle of her craft — dusty leather apron, rolled-up sleeves — in a workshop surrounded by the worn tools of her trade. Now imagine what this epic personality would be drinking from! Made with American leather and available in five colors, they’re customizable to match your company’s brand.



4. Wood Stickers


Why we love it: A bit rustic, a bit outdoorsy — but undoubtedly cool. Stick them on anything, and leaf them for all to see! Showcase your brand or campaign logo in a novel way, or let us design something totally new!



5. Textile and Wood-Edge Carabineer Bluetooth Speakers


Why we love it: Vibrant sound and great looks in one compact package! These ultra-portable Bluetooth speakers are encased in stylish, real wood or textile covers for a sleek and retro look. They’re also a great idea if you’re ballin’ on a budget!



There were tons of great ideas at this year’s PPAI Expo, so be sure to check out our blog over the next couple of weeks. We’ll be writing about our favorite finds and the latest merchandise to get your brand seen! Can’t wait? Take a look at the year’s must-know promo product trends!

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