Nine cool LinkedIn stats, one tragic stat, and four tips

More than 200 million strong, LinkedIn has some serious business power. Use it well, and who knows where it can take you and your company.

More than 200 million strong, LinkedIn has some serious business power. Use it well, and who knows where it can take you and your company.

Part one of a three-part series on LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be slightly off topic for our blog. On these pages, we usually share thoughts, tips, info and trends in marketing (plus a cartoon to illustrate our point, of course). But since many consider LinkedIn as the go-to place for self-marketing or creating a personal brand, allow us to take a little creative license here.

This is the first in a series of three posts on LinkedIn. Let me start by standing up, taking a deep breath and admitting that I’m a LinkedIn addict. I’m on there every day posting, reading and connecting. So I had a lot of fun digging up what I’m going to share with you today and over the next few weeks.

To start, here are some interesting stats on LinkedIn users. They reveal some enlightening trends and insights:

  • The site has over 200 million users—adding one every few seconds.
  • Almost 85% go with LinkedIn’s free service. The rest pay for premium.
  • About 35% are in groups (anywhere from one to nine of them). And this segment appears to be growing.
  • More than 70% look at who has viewed their profile. (No surprise there!)
  • About half use LinkedIn to directly message a connection. The same amount spends at least two hours a week on the site. (That’s a lot of time for busy professionals, which tells you how much they value it.)
  • More than 75% use the site to research people and companies.
  • About 70% use it to reconnect with business colleagues and associates from their past.
  • College grads are the fastest growing segment on the site.
  • Mike Milian of Bloomburg recently reported that half of LinkedIn’s users will come to the site via mobile in 2014. That’s a 40% increase from today. And mobile users are twice as active as PC users.

And now, the surprisingly tragic stat: Nearly 60% of organizations DON’T have a LinkedIn company page. What?!?

When I saw that, I was very surprised. Setting up a company page is easy, and only good can come from it. You encourage/enable people to follow your company, you can share good info, give potential customers/employees/colleagues/customers the download on who you are and more.

Here’s what ours looks like. Granted, we’re not setting the world on fire, but at least we’re present. If your company does not have a page on LinkedIn, set one up, preferably today. Here are some great tips to incorporate:

  • If your company sells products, tout them! Analytics show that if your products page is robust, you’ll attract twice as many company followers as those with more anemic pages.
  • Give stuff away. If you have free content to offer (white papers, a blog, reports, upcoming webinars, etc.) load up your LinkedIn company page with links to them. It’s great for driving traffic and SEO.
  • Make your page rich with keywords. It will help with your Google rankings.
  • Include the basics, too—all your contact info, location, etc. If someone wants to contact you, make it easy.

Next week, in part two of my LinkedIn blog series, I’ll share three free tools from LinkedIn that you need to know about.

– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group

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