Marketing Decision Making Based on Data – Not the Herd

Your company has decided to wade knee-deep into the social media marketing waters. (We’ve done it as a New Jersey advertising agency…) There’s a brand new Facebook for Business page awaiting new content and opportunities for customer engagement, and you’ll soon be immersed in a sea of all-important metrics and data. This data makes it easier for marketing decision making based on data, and not the herd.

marketing-decision-makingNow what?

What’s the real purpose of that Facebook page – to just exist because everybody else in the business world has one? And will you simply use it on behalf of the same selling practices you’ve engaged in for the past few decades?

Not if you want to remain in business, say those who have experience in the marketing wars and see the changes being wrought by digital technologies. The shifts in the landscape are making it necessary to rethink the selling process.

The rise of the Internet and social media has empowered consumers and clients in ways few could have imagined twenty years ago. They no longer accept one-way lectures from brands. They’ve become used to retrieving their own information for purchasing decisions, and getting that data instantaneously.

Social media is changing the dynamics of advertising. Marketing professionals got very good at traditional forms of advertising and mass marketing – print, TV, radio – and in selling at the customer. But that whole mindset has changed. Customers now want conversations, so marketers are scrambling to oblige.

So does that mean marketers need only rely on the granular, targeted data – provided by the newest technologies – involving who’s doing the buying, where they are buying, why and how? Or should they follow trends and trails being blazed by others?

The jury is still out on the metrics currently being provided by the top social media platforms. The data available is not by any stretch complete, as evidenced by the rise of third-party metrics companies offering up their own solutions. Statistics can still be manipulated to represent anything companies/brands want them to be, so they should remain wary about a data market that is still in its infancy.

But that doesn’t absolve marketers and brands from doing their best research to investigate targeted demographics and their buying patterns. Yes, they can also mix in best practices and instincts honed by years of experience in what will work and what won’t in campaigns. But new technologies that make for smarter customers, and a challenging economy, demand more efficient use of marketing dollars.

You can’t wing it. The marketplace is seeing smaller budgets, so you have to be a lot smarter about what you’re spending. After all, consumers now do their homework on the internet before making big purchases. Why should marketers be any different?

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