Holiday Travel Essentials

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Holidays and traveling go hand-in-hand. Whether you are flying coast to coast or taking an Uber a few blocks away, we’ve narrowed down to our top four picks that are must-haves for making the endless delays at the airport bearable!



1. Bluesmart Carry-on Luggage

Bluesmart Carry-on Luggage


Wave those traveling horror stories goodbye! Bluesmart luggage is the next evolution to your holiday travel experience. This bag combats the most common issues that even the most travelled individual encounters. The Bluesmart carry-on bag charges your phone, never gets lost, and even weighs itself. Talk about having the full package!



2. LSTN Sound Co. Headphones


LSTN Sound Co. Headphones


Want to give back this holiday season but can’t decide how? Consider purchasing these trendy headphones by LSTN! Every purchase helps provide hearing aids to those in need, so you can survive the plane ride to Grandma’s house this holiday season in style while also helping provide some with the greatest gift of all.



3. STATE Spencer Backpack


STATE Spencer Backpack


Always searching for the hottest bag on the market? The STATE bags are both stylish with the rolled top and impactful with their message. For every bag purchased, one fully stocked backpack is hand-delivered to an American child in need to provide youth with the tools to reach their fullest potential and better their communities.



4. WalletTrack Two-Way Tracker & Cardholder


WalletTrack Two-Way Tracker & Cardholder


Rest assured that while you’re busy instagramming your Starbucks holiday red cup, your wallet is safe and sound from invaders! WalletTrack is a wallet, tracker and anti-theft device in one. It uses two-way technology: your phone helps to locate the WalletTrack or can help find your phone by triggering an alert to ensure you have your credit cards for last-minute holiday shopping!


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