Go Tee to Green with Tech: Our 2017 Branded Golf Picks

If there’s anything we learned from this year’s PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, it’s that everyone loves next-level gadgetry. So with golf season right around the corner, we pulled together the best promotional golf technology to get your brand noticed on fairway.



1. Arccos Golf Sensor System




Modern marketing is all about metrics, so drive personal improvement with data on each swing! Just attach the Arccos sensors to your club grips, download the app, and measure your performance on each shot. Really, it’s about giving the gift of analytics!



2. Remote Control Caddy




Pull your game into the 21st century and your brand onto the green! Keep the remote-control handset in your pocket, and this robotic caddy will automatically follow. It will even change direction and pace to keep up. Just remember to switch it to manual mode if you’re going wade into a water hazard. But water hazards and bunkers shouldn’t be a problem with the golf navigator watch.



3. Golf Navigator Watch




This sleek and stylish watch uses GPS technology to take golf to the next level. Refine your technique with swing analytics, get a leg up on the competition with blind shot assistance, and retrieve super precise topographic info on 40,000 courses — all on a full-color touchscreen. It’s an ideal executive gift for the tech savvy golfer.



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