Full Color Crazy: 5 Products You Can Decorate All-Over

We went Full Color Crazy in Vegas at the recent promotional products show – and were wowed by how much real estate for full color decoration these products have to offer. Edge-to-edge printing gives your brand a lot more bang for your buck!



Sublimated Shower Curtain

Sublimated Shower Curtain


Measuring 70″ x 72″ and available in assorted colors, this eye-catching 16.5 oz. drapery is made of water repellent polyester. With edge-to-edge full-color sublimated print, it’s perfect for your company logo, message, or custom artwork. Feel free to pair this unique piece with a luxury spa gift set or a matching full color towel for extra “wow” factor!



Parachute Double Hammock




Tap into your inner adventurer with this brilliantly vibrant, hang-anywhere double hammock. Made of 100% parachute nylon and sporting nautical-grade carabiners, this parachute weighs in at a mere 28 ounces. But, don’t be fooled – while being lightweight and easily transportable – it is also extremely durable, making it a reliable camping and travel companion for years to come.



Unisex Onesie




This super cuddly 80/20 cotton and polyester blend jumpsuit offers head-to-toe advertising space, making it a one-of-a-kind apparel item that anyone would enjoy. With a double-zipper system and four pockets, who said adults can’t rock comfort in style?



Travel Blanket and Neck Pillow


Travel BlanketTravel Pillow


No matter the transportation or the destination, never compromise on coziness with this travel set! Sit back and relax as you wrap yourself in this super soft mink polyester fleece blanket – then doze off in style with the matching ergonomic-shaped memory foam pillow. With maximum comfort in mind, this set is sure to make any trip a first-class experience!



Tech Gift Set


Tech Gift Set


Everyone has tech they can’t live without – and this gift set combines the most essential items out there. With a full-color Smart Charge 7000mAh deluxe power bank, microfiber cleaning cloth, wedge beanbag phone stand, and matching microfiber pouch –  this set will elevate the look and feel of the gadgets we all love and depend on.



Grammi Bluetooth Speaker


Grammi Speaker


The gramophone is an ageless symbol of musical innovation. This powerful retro speaker is equipped with bluetooth capability, bringing an ageless classic into the modern era. With a large, full-color screen –  your logo and artwork will be the center of attention at any event.

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