Four Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed Under the Summer Sun

Summer was made for the beach. So whether you plan to spend it relaxing by the shore or touring a distant archipelago, it’s going to be good. This week, we narrowed down the four best promotional products to get your brand out in the sun.



1. Sassy Straw Hats



Practical, stylish, and endlessly customizable, these straw hats are perfect for lounging by the shore. Plan out your desired text (or work with our in-house copywriters to write something with a lot of punch) and let your headwear do your talking for you.



2. Sand Cloud Towel



Sunscreen? Check. Sunglasses? Yep. Beach towel? Got it. The Sand Cloud Towel isn’t just a beachy essential (and a good-looking one to boot); it’s a great way to help preserve marine life. Sand Cloud donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations dedicated to oceanic conversation. A beautiful towel and a beautiful beach… What’s not to love?



3. Powerbreather Wave: Underwater breathing device



The Powerbreather Wave is the snorkel of the future. This breathing device isolates inhalation and exhalation, thereby increasing your oxygen intake and reducing your carbon dioxide intake. That means swimming harder and faster for longer. It’s the perfect piece of training equipment for aspiring triathletes and open water swimmers.



4. Oru Kayak



The Oru Kayak is definitely one of a kind: It’s totally foldable — that’s right — foldable. And you can fold it without sacrificing the toughness that marine excursions demand thanks to its lightweight, custom polypropylene construction. The origami-inspired kayak is both easy to assemble and easy to stow, so you can bring it wherever your next adventure takes you.



If the beach isn’t your style, take a look at some of our favorite branded products for off-the-grid adventuring. And if you’ve already seen that, check out our summer look book too — it’s full of favorite promo picks for the upcoming season!

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