5 Branded Merchandise Ideas for When You’re Ballin’ on a Budget

We know budgets can be tight, so it’s no wonder that wallet-friendly merchandise was a huge trend at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas! These five product ideas punch well above their weight — they’re all about high impact at low cost.



1. NailSnaps




Why we love it: If you’ve spent any time on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of nail art. And if you’ve seen nail art, you know it can get seriously creative. NailSnaps now makes it easier than ever to get your brand noticed in a trendy way! They’re perfect for influencers, brand ambassadors and savvy millennials. NailSnaps are available in full color (naturally), and can even come in custom packaging.



2. Custom Mints




Why we love it: The same old mint tins are getting stale. That’s why we were thrilled to spot these at the PPAI Expo! These are mints (and branding!) the way they’re supposed to be: cool and refreshing. Let us help you design the mints themselves and their packaging!



3. Full-color Dog Tags




Why we love it: What better way to track your premiums and programs than with these amazing ID tags? Place a full-color logo or custom design on the front, and print a secret message on the back. Leave unique codes to download music, get exclusive coupons or access special landing pages. Then, measure your campaign’s success! These dog tags are a clever way to seamlessly integrate your off-line and digital tactics.



4. SlingGrip




Why we love it: Phone wallets are so passé. This year, it’s all about the SlingGrip! They’re a sleek and easy solution to keep your smartphone secure in your hand. And with a custom card and full-color packaging, you can easily share product and event news with your team and fans.



5. Custom Mobile Ring Holder




Why we love it: Seriously, there’s nothing more gut-wrenching than dropping your phone. It’s available in full-color too!


We left the PPAI Expo with a ton of great ideas, so be sure to check out our blog over the next couple of weeks. We’ll be writing about our favorite finds and the latest merchandise to get your brand seen.

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