Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry Because that's exactly what the season is for.


Nothing screams holiday season more than treats and libations! This year we picked the tastiest items that our inner-foodie selves simply had to share. No matter what your personal preference is, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds!



1. Bitterman Salt Co. Starter Set

Bitterman Salt Co. Starter Set


Take a break from the sweetness of the holiday season and consider taking a turn on the salty side! Enhance your traditional holiday dishes this year with the Bitterman’s starter kit and create meals your in-laws won’t stop talking about until next year! This starter set includes 3 salts for everyday cooking and seasoning, and 3 salts for sparkle and pizzazz.



2. Dylan’s Candy Chocolate Covered Mini Pies


Dylan’s Candy Chocolate Covered Mini Pies


Say bye, bye to Miss “American” pie and hello to Dylan’s Candy chocolate-covered Mini Pies assortment! They’ve got all the classics molded into guilt-free, bite-sized treats. So no matter what your personal holiday favorite is, we’ve got you covered!



3. One Hope Wine and Champagne Gift Set


One Hope Wine and Champagne Gift Set


Nothing gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling more than celebrating the holiday amongst your loves ones. Celebrate the good times by cracking open a bottle that serves more than just a tasty beverage to toast with. One Hope Wine has various types of wines and champagnes, where each bottle represents donation to a different cause, including childhood hunger, breast cancer, and autism.



4. Dean & DeLuca® Signature Pine Collection


Dean & DeLuca Signature Pine Collection


We like thinking outside the box when it comes to the classic holiday treats. Consider the twist on the O.G. Christmas tree and enjoy the nature scent and flavor of pine in your food! This delectable set will have you craving the winter season all year round!


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