Did you remember your marketing ‘mantra’?

Repeat after us: Oooohhhmmmm.

Repeat after us: Oooohhhmmmm.

Most of us remember—probably with justified agony—the dreaded thesis paper in English and History classes. Allow me to dust off that bitter memory for a second, and remind you that a thesis is a single, focused argument.

I’ll give you a minute to let the cold sweat pass.

Then, to further channel your high school English or history teacher, every paragraph in your paper would somehow support your thesis.

I still remember the thesis that I was supposed to prove or disprove from my 11th grade history class: Abolitionists were misguided do-gooders who only created hard feelings between the North and the South.

Good times.

Thing is, there is a valuable lesson buried in those heaps of long-forgotten thesis papers… a lesson that you, as a marketer, can use right now, in everything you’re doing.

That is, having a marketing “mantra.” (That’s my effort to sex up the word, “thesis,” plus the alliteration is fun.)

Your mantra is the big promise that your product, service or brand brings to a customer. Examples? Apple’s promise to deliver advanced, yet simple to use, technology. Disney’s promise to create a magical experience for you and your family. Land’s End promise of quality clothing at a reasonable cost.

If you look at the communications from any of those companies—be it web, social media, print, broadcast and more—they all stem from those fundamental promises. Every image, the choice of words, even the layout, support the mantra.

Sure, you can have campaigns, creativity, fun and themes within themes. In fact, you should to keep things fresh. Geico is BIG into that… with everything from the  reflective gecko to two joking folk singers. But the marketing mantra remains: We save you 15% or more on car insurance.

Just like any good mantra, it keeps you simultaneously grounded and a mile high at the same time.

– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group

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