Creating Strong-Tie Consumer Relationship Marketing through Content

It may focus solely on topics of interest to farmers. But The Furrow magazine has been digging up compelling agricultural stories since 1895, thereby harvesting worldwide circulation figures now approaching 1.5 million readers. Even though it started two centuries ago, The Furrow has outlasted more mainstream, storied periodicals like Life and Look. 

Consumer-Relationship-MarketingNot bad for a publication brought to you by…John Deere, the leading manufacturer of farm machinery. They’ve created strong-tie consumer relationship marketing at it’s finest through content. We can’t tell you how often we see the opportunity for content story telling at this New Jersey Advertising Agency.

The John Deere story is usually the first example cited by those wanting to illustrate the long history of content marketing in American business. It remains one of the best examples, because The Furrow itself is now available online, which means it’s probably still generating sales leads for John Deere.

And that also highlights the fact that thanks to digital technologies and social media, all businesses can now add the titles of Publisher/Broadcaster to their mission statements.

When a brand publishes blog posts, Facebook updates, Twitter links, white papers and the occasional video about its particular corner of the business world, it becomes the headquarters of the That Industry News Network (TINN). (That is, as long as most of the content it produces is indeed about its own industry, and not about its own products/services.)

TINN can react to breaking industry news by sharing what executives at that business think about the latest developments. They can comment on trends. They can give their take on common problems and challenges within that industry.

That kind of news that current/potential customers can use enables them to view those businesses as experts and thought-leaders. But because technology continues to shatter traditional media business and distribution models, those businesses can also become trusted, credible resources for news.

At one time, this was called relationship marketing because it was less about hard-sell and more about keeping existing customers happy with news they could use. Now the popular term is content marketing, but it’s still all about establishing trusted relationships. Whether or not the company is called John Deere, those relationships—based on information—can still plant the seeds that will eventually lead to greater sales.

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