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Brand Spotlight: Pure Business Cycles

The weather is great and the pavement is dry – it’s May, and that means it’s National Bike Month. No bike? No problem! This month, we’re spotlighting Pure Business Cycles.

Branded bikes are just the sort of thing we were talking about when we said it’s better to think bigger. Whether it’s a prize giveaway or something to give your street team more impact, a bike can add a whole new dimension to your promotions marketing. That’s where California-based Pure Business Cycles comes in.


The Goods

As the commercial division of Pure Fix Cycles, they specialize in high-quality, branded bicycles at attractive price points. The company as a whole is totally dedicated to bicycling, so they offer a good selection of frames to get you started, as well as custom paint jobs, spec options and accessories to reinforce and support your branding.


The Really Good

The California-based company is a bit of a game changer in that the smallest piece count required for a business order is just five bicycles – and that’s a huge advantage for businesses that need a scaled down solution. Just a few years ago, it would’ve been reasonable to expect a minimum requirement closer to 50.


The Greater Good

Pure Fix Cycles also donates $100 to charity: water whenever bicycles from their Uniform and Yankee lines are sold, and they frequently work with other charitable organizations too. And Ryan Reynolds endorses them, so that has to count for something. Speaking of socially impactful brands, it’s worth mentioning that our friends at MiiR, who we spotlighted in February, also donate proceeds of their sales to water and infrastructure projects around the world. Check them out if you haven’t already.

If you’re ready to get rolling, let’s get in touch! Our promotions team can help you map out where to take your next campaign.


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