Brand Spotlight: MiiR


As branded merchandise experts, we’re always on the hunt for great products – the latest, the most captivating, the incredibly useful, the downright weird. Every once in awhile, we encounter a rare breed, a brand that seems to have it all and more. This month, that brand is MiiR.

In simple terms, Seattle-based MiiR is a social enterprise that designs products (primarily hydration bottles, bicycles, bags) to help those in need ‘rise above poverty.’

How it works.
For each hydration product purchased – and there are a variety to choose from (e.g. growlers, water bottles, tumblers to name a few), a portion of the proceeds goes to fund water projects around the world. Just one product purchase can empower one person with clean water for an entire year! Each MiiR product comes with a unique code which, once registered on its site, allows purchasers to directly trace their impact – providing them with GPS coordinates and photos of the project they helped fund. How cool is that?

To date, the company has completed 44 water projects around the world – the impact of which extends beyond improved health, but also to the economy, environment, education, and more. MiiR has even expanded its product offerings to bicycles and bags. Bicycles fund its affordable transportation projects and bags fund its education projects.

Designed with Intention.
Like its products, every aspect of MiiR as a company has been well thought-out, with great consideration to both form and function – from its philosophy on empowered giving to the complete transparency it provides and the way it’s provided. As such, MiiR has attracted similarly high-minded brands like Patagonia, Whole Foods, and REI in partnering to create customized and branded products.

Partnering with MiiR.
Naturally, we reached out to MiiR and are excited to share this unique co-branding experience with our clients!

– Gina Galligan is Director of Promotions at CI-Group

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