Quiz: Digital Marketing Midterm 2017

School’s out for summer, but the digital space is always on the move. Test your knowledge with this 2017 Midyear Digital Marketing Midterm. Will you come out at the top of the class, or… end up with some summer reading?   Have your No. 2…


How to Run a Quick and Simple Digital Content Assessment

Okay, there’s really no such thing as a quick digital content assessment. But there is a way to make your analysis as painless as possible. Look at it this way — it’s much simpler than a competitive audit, which can be intense and time consuming.   At their core, digital content evaluations…


Four Ways to Get Your Brand Noticed Under the Summer Sun

Summer was made for the beach. So whether you plan to spend it relaxing by the shore or touring a distant archipelago, it’s going to be good. This week, we narrowed down the four best promotional products to get your brand out in the sun.    …


Laid Back: Branded Gear for Staycations

The summer smells like adventure. But sometimes it just smells like good barbecue. This week we picked out the best pieces of branded merchandise and promotional gear to round out your staycation. Skip the trip and settle in. There’s no wrong way to relax.  …


3 Tips to help unleash your creativity

Thinking creatively can be a struggle — we get that. But fortunately, we have a couple tips to get you back in the groove.     1. Take one thing at a time Multitasking can be a virtue, but it might not be the best…

CI202074_Marketing Calendar - March

Go Tee to Green with Tech: Our 2017 Branded Golf Picks

If there’s anything we learned from this year’s PPAI Expo in Las Vegas, it’s that everyone loves next-level gadgetry. So with golf season right around the corner, we pulled together the best promotional golf technology to get your brand noticed on fairway.     1….


5 Next-level Gadgets to Power Up Your Brand

We’re so over the same old tech, so you can imagine our relief when we found promo products that could excite even the savviest millennial. These must-have items take branded gadgetry to the next level!     1. Custom Action Camera   Why we love…


Promo Product Trends We Love: Unique Materials

Unique materials and textures are all the rage this year, and it’s not hard to see why! We’ve talked about the ways haptics and touch can positively impact your brand story. And these branded products can do exactly that. Their materials and textures give your…