Amazing + Trendy Gifts

Amazing and trendy gifts A wintry mix of trendy gifts

Holidays are all about celebrating with the people you love – Why not celebrate in style?


We’ve chosen some of the newest, hottest items this year that are sure to turn heads, leaving you with plenty of room for creating and sharing memories with the whole gang.



1. CORAVIN™ Model Two Wine System

CORAVIN Model Two Wine System


After all your holiday shopping is complete, treat yourself to a glass of wine without ever removing the cork from the bottle. No, it’s not magic – The Coravin Wine Needle allows you to pierce the cork and smoothly pour wine. And you don’t have to worry about the wine spoiling – It forms a perfect airtight seal, guaranteeing the last sip is as good as the first.



2. Monster SuperStar Hotshot Portable Speaker


Monster SuperStar Hotshot Portable Speaker


Don’t let the size fool you – This compact, super portable speaker packs a punch with Pure Monster Sound. With 5.5 hours of play life, you can enjoy “Silent Night” to your heart’s content!



3. Cabelet Wearable Charge/Sync Cord for iProducts


Cabelet Wearable Charge/Sync Cord


There’s nothing worse than getting on a flight and realizing you left your charging cable at home. Give the gift that keeps on giving with this braided leather bracelet that also doubles as a MFI Certified charging cable.



4. MiLi Powerbank & Wireless Smart Storage Device


MiLi 10,000mAh Power Bank and Wireless Smart Storage Device


You’re going to want to capture every moment this holiday season, and this device is here to help! Not only does its battery capacity allow you to charge two phones simultaneously, but it also provides wireless data storage accessible by up to 8 devices.


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