Adventure Everywhere: The Summer’s Hottest Branded Merchandise

Summer adventures can take you anywhere — and sometimes anywhere but the office is exactly where you need to be. No meetings. No emails. No problem. Just the great outdoors and the gear to make it a good time.


This year we picked out the hottest items based on the adventures and destinations that define the season. And this week, we’re taking a look at the four best items to take to the trails. There’s something for everyone’s adventuring kit, no matter whether you’re trekking around Denali or camping out back.



1. Heimplanet Inflatable Tent




Travel light no matter where you go. This super durable and ultra packable tent from Heimplanet basically assembles itself. Its hard-wearing bladders cut the time it takes to set up camp. And less time fumbling with tent poles means more time on the grill.



2. Barbecue bucket




This time it’s back to basics: Grill up some grub with this barbecue bucket. It’s perfect for camping out in the woods, along the shore or even the backyard. It never looks out of place with its vintage feel and matte finish.



3. goTenna




Sometimes it’s best to see where the trail takes you. And once you reach your destination, you can find your way back with no problems with the goTenna. This weatherproof must-have is perfect for off-road adventures. Just plug it into your phone to send text messages and GPS data — no signal, no problem. Even better, you can enjoy off-grid communication with other goTenna-connected phones up to four miles away.



4. FUTO air mattress




The FUTO air mattress is the gateway to glamping. This tough, ripstop air mattress is easy to setup — and easy to stow. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for an afternoon in the park.



Summer’s right around the corner, and we have the promotional products and custom gear to get your brand under the sun. Check out our blog over the next couple of weeks, where we’ll feature some of our favorite picks of the season.

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