5 totally random (but insightful) marketing stats

Five! Count ‘em, five… insightful marketing stats!

Five! Count ‘em, five… insightful marketing stats!

I’m starting to think that in a past life, perhaps my first one, I was some sort of sponge. It would explain my skin’s complexion as a teenager, yes, but also that I’ve always been one to take in prodigious amounts of information, daily, on a revolving but growing carousel of subjects. And in that carnival-like journey, I occasionally come across a few bits that catch my eye, and I save for reference later.

It’s like having a digital pile of Post-its®, napkins and paper scraps—my iPad was starting to get full. It was time to purge.

So, I culled through the pile and yanked out a couple of gems that I think offer a little insight for marketers like us. (If the insight isn’t immediately apparent, I’ve tried to add some!) Here we go…

1. Half of consumers use two or more devices in their purchase process. (IBM) I’ve done this, and you probably have, too. You check out something you’re eyeing to buy on your phone, then your tablet, then your laptop. After all that virtual tire kicking, you finally buy.

What’s the message to marketers? Make sure your stuff works on multiple platforms.

2. 90% of mobile searches lead to action, 50% lead to a purchase. (Search Engine Land) This one blew me away, because those percentages seemed high… but other stats seem to bear this one out.

What-do-ya-wanna-do-about-it? Get your SEO in order. Now.

3. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (YouTube) No surprise here. I’m on YouTube every damn day, and it continually astonishes me that you can find just about anything on there. It may only have 26 views, but it’s on there.

Here’s the kicker, though. Nielsen (yes, the ratings company) reports that YouTube reaches more US adults, ages 18 to 34, than any cable network. What?!?

The “a-ha” moment for you: If this platform has that kind of reach and power—and posting there is FREE—shouldn’t your organization be present?

4. Of all apps downloaded, one in four are abandoned after their initial use. (New Relic) I’ve done this, too, with both paid and free apps. About 25% of the time, I look an app up, I read the reviews, I download it, I try it, I suffer crushing disappointment, and I delete it.

The moral: If you go through the labor-intensive trouble of creating an app, at least make it a keeper… something that will enhance the user’s life in some way. Please.

5. 60% of mobile users expect a website to load in less than three seconds. (Gomez) Impatience seems accelerated in the mobile world—it’s a jungle-like, unforgiving place.

Yeah, so? Make a mobile optimized site—shorter copy, less imagery, and easy to read and navigate. Design it to hold the attention of a squirrel in a nut factory. Eventually, your mobile site is probably where your potential customer will land first.

I’ll continue to hunt for more cool stats, facts and tidbits and share them here, because I can’t stop. The first step is admitting you have a problem.

– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group

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