5 Next-level Gadgets to Power Up Your Brand

We’re so over the same old tech, so you can imagine our relief when we found promo products that could excite even the savviest millennial. These must-have items take branded gadgetry to the next level!



1. Custom Action Camera



Why we love it: As a rule of thumb, it takes more than five impressions for a customer to remember a brand. And those impressions better be positive! That’s why this stand-out item has attracted big names like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Smirnoff. It’s the ideal gift for VIP customers, employee appreciation and even influencer campaigns!



2. Big Boom Round Speaker



Why we love it: How amazing is this speaker? It’s full color and offers a huge canvas to get creative. Go with a big, bold logo, or design a totally new graphic. Either way, your brand will definitely be heard! And in case you had any doubts, the sound is LUSH. It also has Bluetooth (because of course it does), so no wires necessary.



3. Socket2me

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 4.17.41 PM


Why we love it: We were blown away when we saw this multifunctional smart plug! Take control of your lighting and other plug-in appliances with your smart device. Just download the app, and Socket2Me can turn the lights on when you’re too tired to bother. You can even automate tasks in advance to simplify your life or manage your energy use. With a full-color digital imprint on its face, home automation has never looked so good! And did we mention we can customize its packaging?



4. The Kracken



Why we love it: This ultra-portable emergency power bank (1800mAh) is the only one you’ll ever need. It comes with official Apple Lightning AND micro-USB connectors, so you’re covered no matter your phone preference. Plus, its cords are self-wrapping and it’s perfect for data transfer. Custom packaging is also available!



5. Full-color Custom Charging Cable



Why we love it: This not-so-modest charging cable will grab attention anywhere. It’s bright, bold and fearless! This accessory is a necessity, so give it a design that reflects your brand’s personality. And of course, you can get them with the connectors that matter most: Lightning or Micro-USB to universal USB. You can even personalize them — Now that’s real customization!


There were tons of great ideas at this year’s PPAI Expo, and we’ve sorted through the very best. Check out some of our favorite branded merchandise trends on our blog. Not enough? Let’s get in touch!

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