5 great reads for the marketer on your holiday list (including you)

Happy holiday reading list!

Happy holiday reading list!

As a marketer, and a creative, I believe in keeping my muses very well fed. They get a steady, robust and varied diet of information to munch on daily. That’s because I’ll read just about anything—from fiction, to biographies, to news, and of course, loads of info on the latest marketing crazes and trends. I’m a sucker for the notorious “How tos” and “7 steps to” articles I see everywhere.

Here are five great marketing reads that have risen above that heap of information I just referred to. Each of these are particularly good reads, offer great advice and will help you in this nutty career we’ve all chosen. (They’re available in good old-fashioned paper or e-reader, your choice!)

Yes, the holidays are upon us. It’s an ambush. But any of these would make a nice gift for a fellow marketer, or even as a little something for you, assuming you made it on the “nice” list.

Also, just an FYI. I’m not compensated, in any way, for recommending these. If only.

Everybody Writes

Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good ContentAnn Handley

The basic premise of this fascinating and fun-to-read book is that everyone is a writer of some sort. Whether it’s in the form of tweeting, posting, feeds, blogs, emails, presentations, or updating a webpage… we all leave huge digital footprints behind us every day. What we write matters. It tells others who we are. Handley gives truly expert and real-world advice into the process and strategy of writing online. She really gets it… and you should get this book.

Visual Storytelling

The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your BrandEkaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio

Everyone agrees, because we all see it—we’re living more and more in a visual age. From online video to infographics, our dominantly visual-learner society just loves to look at pictures and press play whenever possible. This is a great book for today’s marketer—both a strategy and how-to book in one. It covers everything from the “big picture” of visual marketing strategies, right down to the details of when to use an animated GIF. Plus, the book follows its own rules—it’s really nicely designed.



Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to CreativityHugh MacLeod

OK, the title of this book alone was enough to get my attention. MacLeod is a copywriter and cartoonist (this guy and I could be friends, I think). He was always doodling, and eventually turned those into a popular blog—gapingvoid.com. He’s really funny and smart. And in this book, he has no shortage of opinions on everything from marketing to the meaning of life. But the book’s real value is its insights on how to be more creative. You don’t have to be a designer, hippie, musician or some other sort of bohemian to get something out of this book. It’s a honest read on how to unlock your brilliance… and it rocks.


Creativity Inc

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True InspirationEd Catmull

Catmull has an impressive resume. He is the co-founder and president of Pixar Animation. He is also president of Disney Animation. Not to mention his Ph.D. in computer science. And by all accounts, he’s supposed to be an incredible leader. Under his quiet brilliance, Pixar has released more than a dozen number-one box office smash hits. This is the story of that journey, Catmull’s advice on management and how to create a culture that inspires people, creativity and great decisions. If you’re in any kind of management position, this should be under your tree next week.


30 Days

30 Days to PAID Digital Media ExpertiseJay Friedman, Geoff Halsema and David Wolk

The Goodway Group is a digital marketing group that specializes in SEO, display advertising, social and more. About a year ago, they decided to write their own little book explaining such complex notions as targeting, real-time bidding, native advertising, attribution and more. The book is set up in short, very digestible chapters—so you can knock off the book in about a month and have a pretty idea of what’s going on out there, digitally. I’m enjoying it, and they were nice enough to send me a copy.

Happy holidays from all of us at CI-Group. May your days be merry and bright, and your muses always be well fed.

– Andy Badalamenti is the creative director for CI-Group

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